How Lapgards Work

Eating on the go is a fact of life in today’s world; food stains don’t have to be!

Food stains on a white dress shirt.The pace of modern life and the advent of curbside pickup don’t mean that you’re stuck with embarrassing food stains.

Now you can eat your favorite foods in the comfort of your car without worrying about the mess.

Make dining in the car or on the go a more pleasurable experience again!

A young woman wears a Lapgard while eating a taco behind the wheel.

Simply place our patented Lapgard on over your clothes, fold up the bottom to form a pouch, and secure with adhesive tabs. Now you can enjoy your meal and forget about the rest!

Fold up the tabs to form a pouch and keep the Lapgard secure.

We Support Juvenile Diabetics

We want to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes and to provide medical and financial assistance to juvenile diabetics facing severe live-changing/threatening complications. Thanks to all our customers for helping us with this cause.